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Live Updates: World Leaders Urge Restraint as Israel Weighs Retaliation Against Iran

Part of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, near Jerusalem.

A Show of Might in the Skies Over Israel

More than 300 drones and missiles hurtled toward Israel through Iraqi and Jordanian airspace on Saturday night.

Far Right’s Ties to Russia Sow Rising Alarm in Germany

A protest against the Alternative for Germany party, or AfD, in January in Rostock, Germany. It was one of many around the country.

On Himalayan Hillsides Grows Japan’s Cold, Hard Cash

Workers cleaning argeli bark in the Ilam district of eastern Nepal. Thousands of miles away, in Japan, the bark will be used to make yen notes.

Was It Hatred of Women? Australia Asks After Stabbing Rampage.

A memorial at Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia, on Monday, after six people were killed last weekend.

With Iran’s Strikes, Arab Countries Fear an Expanding Conflict

The interior of a house near Arad, Israel, that was struck in the Iranian missile attack.

Strikes Upend Israel’s Belief About Iran’s Willingness to Fight It Directly

Iran’s attacks were in response to a strike by Israel in Syria that killed seven Iranian officials, including three top military commanders. Attendees at a rally in Tehran this month donned masks representing the officials who were killed.

Iran’s Barrage of Israel Injures Young Girl in Arab Bedouin Village

At Amina al-Hasoni’s house in the village of al-Fur’ah, Israel, the Iranian attack wounded her and ripped holes in the roof and floor.

Iran Attacks Israel: What We Know

Explosions over Israel on Sunday. Iran’s attack was a retaliation for airstrikes on an Iranian Embassy building in Syria this month.

Iran Attack Tests Netanyahu’s Political Staying Power

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presenting Iranian nuclear program documents in Tel Aviv in 2018.

She Was Kidnapped a Decade Ago With 275 Girls. Finally, She Escaped.

Saratu Dauda shares what happened after the terrorist group Boko Haram abducted her and her classmates.

After Bondi Stabbing Rampage, Australia Asks How and Why

A memorial in Bondi Junction, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, on Sunday, a day after six people were killed in a stabbing rampage.

Ukraine’s Draft Dodgers Run, and Swim, to Avoid the War

Ukrainian border guards patrolling along the Tysa River, facing Romania, in Tyachiv, Ukraine. The Romanian authorities say more than 6,000 men have turned up on their side of the river since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022.

Why New Zealand’s Favorite Fruit Is the Feijoa, Not the Kiwi

The feijoa, a fragrant green fruit, being collected in a garden in Nelson, New Zealand.

Israel’s Allies Urge Against Retaliation After Iran’s Attack

An Israeli fighter jet taking off in central Israel on Sunday.

How Oil Markets Are Reacting to Iran’s Attack on Israel

An oil tanker off the coast of Bandar Abbas, Iran, last year. Oil prices had increased substantially in the days before Iran’s attack on Israel.

Monday Briefing

Missile debris that was collected by the police outside Arad, Israel, on Sunday.

Israel Questions What Might Be Next for the Gaza War

Residents removing possessions and inspecting their homes after Israeli airstrikes in Khan Younis, Gaza, on Saturday.

Monday Briefing: Israel Weighs a Response to Iran

Holes in the roof and floor at the home of 7-year-old girl who was injured by missiles sharpnel outside Arad, Israel, on Sunday.

Johnson Says the House Will Vote on an Israel Bill in the Coming Days

“We’re going to try again this week,” Speaker Mike Johnson said on Sunday about voting on a bill to aid Israel.

Jordan Says It Shot Down Iranian Drones As Act of Self-Defense

An image taken from video shows people standing around the debris of a missile that the Jordanian forces intercepted over Amman during Iran’s bombardment of Israel early Sunday.

Iran’s Strikes on Israel Open a Dangerous New Chapter for Old Rivals

Missile parts collected by the police outside Arad, Israel, on Sunday. Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles toward Israel overnight.

Biden Seeks to Head Off Escalation After Israel’s Successful Defense

President Biden on Saturday outside the White House. He is trying to convince Israel that its defense against the Iranian attack is a victory.

Israel Used Iron Dome and Arrow 3 Systems to Block Attack

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system intercepting rockets launched last year from the Gaza Strip over Sderot, Israel.

A History of the Shadow War Between Iran and Israel

Emergency workers searched the rubble of a building that was part of the Iranian Embassy complex in Damascus, Syria, a day after the April 1 airstrike.

Israel Faced a Sophisticated Attack From Iran

Drones or missiles being fired at Israel from Iran early Sunday.

U.S. Intercepts Dozens of Iranian Drones and Missiles Aimed at Israel

A U.S. Marine outside the Oval Office, indicating President Biden was there on Saturday evening after Iran began attacking Israel.

Tensions Flare in West Bank After Israeli Teenager Is Found Dead

Israeli settlers torched cars and buildings in Al Mughayir in the West Bank on Saturday, Palestinian officials said.

State Dept. Is Sending Its Top Diplomat for East Asia to China

Daniel J. Kritenbrink, the assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, will travel to China on Sunday.

Sydney Mall Stabbing Attack: What We Know

People paying their respects on Sunday at a memorial for the victims of Saturday’s mass stabbing in Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia.

Stabbing Attack in Sydney Kills At Least 6

Emergency vehicles lined the street outside the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping mall in Australia on Saturday, after a stabbing attack killed six and injured at least two others.

Protesters in Niger Call for U.S. Military Exit

Protesters on Saturday in Niger’s capital, Niamey. Some carried Russian flags alongside Niger’s green, white and orange version.

Iran Seizes Israel-Linked Container Ship

For Many Western Allies, Sending Weapons to Israel Gets Dicey

Israeli soldiers in January in the central Gaza Strip. The war there has prompted war crimes charges against Israel and allies that sell it weapons.

Mall Attack Was Australia’s Worst Mass Violence in Years

The car used in a driving rampage that killed six people on a busy street in Melbourne, Australia, in 2017.

As ‘Sex and the City’ Ages, Some Find the Cosmo Glass Half-Empty

Israeli Teen’s Death Ignites More Violence in West Bank

A Palestinian man inspecting damage on Saturday after Israeli settlers attacked the village of Al Mughayir, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Witnesses to Sydney Mall Stabbing Describe Harrowing Scenes

The police escorted members of the public from Bondi Junction after responding to reports of the stabbing attack in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday.

Cable Car Accident in Antalya, Turkey, Drops Passengers Onto Mountain

Rescuers used cranes, helicopters and ropes to evacuate passengers from a crippled cable car line outside Antalya, Turkey.

The Gen Z Crossword Era

Bondi Junction, Site of Sydney Stabbing Attack, Is a Busy Hub

Reacting outside the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping mall after the stabbings in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday.

Why a Liberal Premier Wants to Pause a Carbon Tax Increase

Andrew Furey, the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, has called for a carbon tax pause.

In Bogotá, Cyclists Fear Becoming Crime Victims

Bogotá is a Mecca for cyclists, but concerns over robberies are increasing.

China’s ‘Special Place’ in Modi’s Heart Is Now a Thorn in His Side

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, in 2016 at a BRICS meeting in Goa, India.

A Soccer Bridesmaid Readies the Crown, and Germany (Mostly) Likes the Look

Bayer Leverkusen fans may get to celebrate the team’s maiden German championship this weekend.

‘Climate-Controlled’ Sausage? Courts Crack Down on ‘Greenwashing’

Members of Fossil Free Netherlands, which has brought a lawsuit against the Dutch airline KLM for misleading consumers with its sustainability claims, outside the Amsterdam court in December.

Haiti Sets Up Transitional Council, Clearing Way for an Acting Leader

An improvised barricade last month in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. A coalition of armed gangs has controlled most of the city since it began an offensive in late February.

Argentine Court Blames Iran for 1990s Bombings of Israeli Embassy and Jewish Center

Emergency personnel at the site of the bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994.

U.S. Targets May Not Be on List in Possible Iran Attack, Officials Say

A funeral procession in Tehran last week included photos of seven Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps members killed during an airstrike by Israeli forces on Iran’s Embassy complex in Syria.

What We Know About Iran’s Military as It Threatens Israel

A military parade in Tehran last year. The Iranian armed forces are among the biggest in the Middle East, with 580,000 soldiers and officers and also 200,000 reservists.

Iran’s Retaliation Likely to Be Limited, but Errors Could Lead to War, Experts Say

Iranians gathered at the funeral last week for the military officers killed by an Israeli airstrike in Damascus, Syria.

Iran Likely Will Strike Israel, Not U.S. Forces, U.S. and Iranian Officials Say

A photograph released by Iranian state news shows Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. Iran has vowed revenge for the April 1 airstrike on its embassy complex in Damascus, Syria.

Back From Ukraine, a House Republican Makes the Case for More Aid

Representative Chuck Edwards, Republican of North Carolina, is willing to join Democrats to approve more aid for Ukraine.

Coaches Have to Be Salesmen, Too

David Moyes has twice taken over a troubled West Ham and guided it out of danger.

Bank of England Will Overhaul Its Forecasting After Inflation Surprises

Britain had managed economic shocks well under existing policy until a series of events, including Brexit and pandemic lockdowns, disrupted the economy.

Autopsy’s Ketamine Error Compounds Grief After Balloon Pilot’s Death

Cornelius van der Walt, a hot-air balloon pilot, died with three others in a crash in Arizona.

Myanmar Rebels Take Key Trading Town, but Counteroffensive Looms

Myanmar residents after crossing into the Thai border town of Mae Sot on Thursday.

U.S. Issues New Travel Restrictions Over Possible Iranian Strike

Jerusalem earlier this month. New State Department guidelines bar U.S. personnel from leaving the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba metropolitan areas in Israel.

War or No War, Ukrainians Aren’t Giving Up Their Coffee

In Kyiv, Ukraine, coffee kiosks staffed by trained baristas serving tasty mochas for less than $2 have become a fixture of the streetscape.

China Feels Boxed In by the U.S. but Has Few Ways to Push Back

President Biden with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan at the White House on Thursday.

Even Before the Olympics, a Victory Lap for a Fast-Moving French Mayor

Karim Bouamrane in his office in St.-Ouen, France. “I’m using the Olympic Games as a political weapon,” he said.

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